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Videos not playing

edited January 2017 in MixEmergency
Using me 3.1.1 pioneer ddj sz can load ambient manually, but they won't auto load when you load new tracks. MP4 songs will play audio but no video to screen.
Haven't used video in a few weeks been using rekordbox. This is a new problem for me. Any ideas where to look?


  • What version of Serato DJ are you using with the Pioneer DDJ SZ? Are you loading your videos to the Primary Decks of Serato DJ? And have you tried closing all of your applications and restarting your computer?
  • 1.81 i've restarted program, and computer. when i auto load nothing, when i manually load into the video window it will play but will not eject when next video is auto loaded. only when another manually loaded into video window.
  • Does the video follow your movements (e.g. scratching)?

    Do your MP4 files contain video, or are the just audio?
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