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problems recording with Pioneer S9

edited January 2017 in MixEmergency

I recently purchased the Pioneer S9 and tried recording last night. When I hit record and select the device as Pioneer S9 the recording picks up the the straight tone from my vinyl rather than the song playing. When I listen in the headphones I hear music so I know that I have the mixer channel set correctly. Just the recording is picking up the straight tone, no music.

Is there something I need to set differently so I can once again record with this mixer?


DJ Classic


  • Disregard. I just found the answer in another post. Couldn't find it last night but I see it now. Thanks.

    Go into the DJM-S9 Setting Utility application, then in the MIXER OUTPUT section, set USB5/6 to MIX(REC OUT). Next, in MixEmergency, when you go to record: select the DJM-S9 as the Device, and set the channels to 5 and 6 (by default these are set to 1 and 2).
  • Cool - glad to hear that you've got it figured out and up and runnning :)
  • THANK YOU!!!!! I Lost a whole day trying to figure this out. Until i Read this....

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