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Quartz Composer, Apple and support in the future

edited January 2017 in MixEmergency
Hey all,

I've been looking into the mixemergency platform for a few weeks now. I must say I'm super impressed by it. I love the fact that you can time things to be musical. It led me to look further in how to make custom designs using Quartz Composer.

I'm sure as a noob I'm repeating myself in these forums but I've been trying to scour the internet with a few questions and the future of Quartz in Inklen products.

Since a new version of Quartz Composer by Apple hasn't come out in almost 2 years, what's the future of creating such files? I'm really interested in diving in and learning how to use QC and integrate it, but how much longer will that be supported by Inklen? I'm just afraid to spend all this time only to find out that QC will eventually become broken due to the lack of updates that Apple has. Technology has to move forward and I'm wondering who will be left behind?

Thanks ahead of time gang!


  • That's a good question, but really only one that can be answered by Apple (that is, how long will they support Quartz Compositions).
  • Thanks for your reply Nick! If that's the case, is there any other company building any such tools to do some sort of... I don't know... cross platform, user friendly replacement for it?

    It would be so cool to have a cross between an interface like after effects meets ableton live, mixed with qc capability. Market opportunity?
  • There are some, such as Vuo. There hasn't been enough demand yet to add this though.
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