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New to Mix Emergency… trouble getting the output screen to show videos

edited February 2017 in MixEmergency
I am new to Mix Emergency and wondered if someone could help with initial set-up.

I purchased the software yesterday and entered the product code to the Demo version that I originally downloaded. I am using Serato Scratch Live with a Midi Controller, the Denon DNHC4500. I have full functionality on the controller for Serato Scratch Live and I can see that the controller also manipulates the video as well without issue. The Output and Control panels are pinned over Serato Scratch Live and I can also switch videos on the control panel, so it seems to be working. I am having difficulty with the output screen, as all I can see is a secondary desktop sceen as opposed to the actual videos. I am using a 2012 MacBook Pro along with the Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. The adapter seems to be working as I can see the desktop. What am I missing? The output wire is a Belkin Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter that I purchased at the Apple store, and this seems to be fine as I can see a duplicate of the laptop screen on the output (or a mirror of the laptop screen)… How do I assign the video output?

Any help is appreciated.


  • You need to press cmd+1 or select Mix Emergency from window in the file menu. This will bring up the box with MIXEMERGENCY on the left hand side. Press it again if not visible. In the bottom left of the panel you will see a box with a rectangle. If you hover over this it will display toggle output window. Press this so that the output screen appears, then slide it to the right and it will show on the HDMI screen. Then you can press the box to the right to enter full screen on the secondary display. (or cmd+f). I always pin the main MIXEMERGENCY panel as it is like the control center for all of the main features.

    Hope this helps! :)
  • Hi DJ_Mario_Leon - I've replied to your e-mail regarding this, and suspect that you have screen mirroring enabled in you macOS System Preferences.
  • Thank you Nick & cheeky!! After reading the responses, I was able to get the videos on the screen along with the correct panels pinned over Serato. This was a 'duh' moment … finally know what I'm doing!!
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