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El Capitan glitches with ME and Serato DJ 1.9.4

edited February 2017 in MixEmergency
Hello all! Loving ME! Until recently I had been problem-free. Suddenly I'm having latency issues when running video with ME while using Serato DJ 1.9.4. There is between a .5 to 1 second audio delay when pressing play or moving the control deck (turntable, CDJ, etc.).

Also, each time when minimizing and maximizing windows (in OS X El Capitan), the ME output screen goes blank for a second and then resumes as normal. Running a 2015 MacBook Pro with 2 GB dedicated graphics, Rane 62 mixer.

This wasn't a problem before upgrading to the most recent version of ME. Is this a bug? Or perhaps an issue with the OS? Anyone else having similar issues? Please help...


  • The audio delay sounds very strange, and sounds as though it is more related to Serato DJ than MixEmergency.
  • Thanks for the response Nick. Been running tests for a few days. Could very well be related to El Capitan and Serato DJ. But, minimizing and maximizing in Serato Video does not have the same effect on the output screen. Only when using ME. Weird, but I'm hoping to get to the bottom of things soon. Weekend's coming :)
  • More testing on the video glitching/pausing...this issue is only present in ME. It does not happen in Serato DJ. Here is a quick video showing the issue. Made it private, please enter "me" in password box.

  • Plus, to clarify, ME is doing the same thing when running solo. No Serato, no other programs open. Same glitching.
  • Does turning off the auto-hiding of the dock/menu bar, in MixEmergency, have any affect on this?
  • And I'm also curious to know if disabling GPU-accelerated video decoding (I would recommend restarting between changing this) have any affect?
  • Thanks and my apologies for the delay. Yes, I've tried each of those things. Still the same issue. Currently trying other remedies. I will report my findings soon in hopes that it may help someone else having the same issue.
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