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Feature Request: ABLETON LINK Support

edited February 2017 in MixEmergency
Wondering if this will be useful for using Mix emergency as a stand alone visual player i.e when not playing music videos but still want things to stay in sync with serato dj and it also will work for other dj apps that has the link feature.

What do you think @nick

On the Serato forums, someone was asking for advise on how to keep a 55 minutes long visual playing and doesn't want it to change or restart each time he loads a new track .

Will Ableton link solve this? I have had to use ME in standalone for some gigs where i just wanted visuals as against playing the music videos (my library is mixed).

Using media bank works fine for me using audio only files but when i play a music video it will play the video of the music which i don't want for that particular gig. I hope i'm making sense.

Will Ableton link allow the FX and FX sequences to be synchronised to BPM of the master application eg Serato?


  • In theory, yes, it would allow the FX and FX Sequences to be synchronised to the BPM, from what I understand. It is certainly something that I've looked into a long time ago.
  • @nick Good to know you "looked" into it. Hoping to see it implemented at some point in the not so distant future
  • I just tried out Remixvideo by Mixvibes. It's like a souped up Video Sampler. That's exactly how I will like Mixemergency Media Bank implemented.

    I used it with Mixemergency via syphon and it works fine. Comes loaded with two video sample packs that can be layered.

    The "autopilot" mode is definitely a reason to buy.

    There is a limitation of 100secs length for personal video files though.
  • bumping this feature request.

    Please support Ableton Link in standalone mode.
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