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Possible New Feature

edited February 2017 in MixEmergency

Just thought I would ask if this feature exists or could possibly be included in a future update.

I use the media bank a lot. I was wondering if there was a way of changing the selected video displayed (at random) without changing the track.

Say for instance a 6 min audio track is playing and the video is selected from the folder, this can get a bit boring if its a short loop. It would be awesome if we could have a shortcut or midi controller to 'shift to next video'.

Is this currently possible and if not, could it be possible in the future?

Hope I explained it okay!!

Keep up the good work Nick!!! :D



  • It's an interesting idea - though not easily possible in MixEmergency at the moment.
  • Hello all,
    Nick, i dont know if you have some feedback on this.

    It will be a great feature, not only with visual bur for publicity
    For example instead of having to edit every time a single "publicity file" containing for example : bar logo + bar video pub + upcoming events may + upcoming june"

    you could have, several files on the media bank
    bar logo // bar pub // upcoming may // upcoming june
    and ME will play one then the other , event better randomly etc...
  • Oh, forgot to reply to this! I found a workaround!

    If you change the crossfader to the channel that is not showing the clip u want to change and then click the folder in slot 1 of the media bank it automatically changes it. I haven't set this up as a controller shortcut, but obviously could.

    Would be useful if we could have an autoplay folder where it goes through the clips sequentially. Or have a 'run' & 'loop' mode for the media folder.

    Keep up the good work Nick, and pleeease can we have some new toys to play with :)
  • New toys are coming ;)
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