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Which ME controls can be mapped

edited March 2017 in MixEmergency
Hi, I'm mapping traktor to control ME.

So far I've been good by mapping everything you see (faders, knobs, qtz parameters).

But, is it possible (by editing the mapping file) to add some controls which are "under the hood"?

In particular, I'd like to be able to map the function where you load a media bank into a specific deck (what you do when you drag it to the deck).

So my question:

is there a list of all ME mappable commands?


  • All things that you can map are shown in MixEmergency. It's not currently possible to trigger a clip to a specific deck (they always load to the deck that isn't currently playing).
  • oh :(

    And in the future, is it a feature that might be added, or just never?

    (I'm still buying the software next week though, cause it's freaking amazing)
  • It's a possibility, if enough people wanted it - but it would cause a blank screen while the current video is ejected, and the next one loaded and buffered.
  • Hola necesito un mapeo para mixer traktor Z2, estoy probando la version demo , creo que andaba por ahi un mapeo para traktor Z2
  • La idea es comprarlo
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