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Mixemergency effect issue

edited March 2017 in MixEmergency
So on default with ME, it runs this light ray effect on the video that's outputting (seems to only do it when serato dj is running the song, don't think it does it when serato dj is not running and ME is just playing the video.)

I've scoured the settings and disabled all effects and it still does it. It's actually annoying me now hahaha. Any ideas?

Here's a screenshot of what I'm referring to (notice the black bar at the top isn't completely black) :

Any help is appreciated! Have a big show on Sunday and just want it gone LOL.


  • It sounds as though it might be the Mixer FX feature (that applies effects when you use the High, Mid., or Low controls on your mixer).

    To disable this:

    1) Open the Mixer FX window (in the menubar, select Window, then Mixer FX)
    2) Disable all of the pink and yellow buttons on this window
  • Oh my Lord thank you
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