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Video Controller question

edited March 2017 in MixEmergency

say there was a controller like the RZX that is not locked to a particular video software, will it be difficult to use with Mixemergency.

I will like a controller that will show videos on the now ubiquitous screens we see on every device now.

What do you think?

say a company like denon makes a MCX 8000 with video support.


  • Most of these companies make controllers with screens that use some custom form of communication technology to display data on their screens - so it wouldn't be something very simple.
  • when i connect my 8000 to Mixemergency, The screens are also recognised as midi devices.

    can Visuals be transmitted over midi?
  • Not that I'm aware of. Are they touch screens? They might send out data from this?
  • no they are not touch screen. when I go into the midi set up of Mixemergency it lists three devices under MCX8000
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