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weird video issue

edited March 2017 in MixEmergency
Help Please
Hey Nick. I got the Pioneer DDj RZX a few months ago and love it for audio mixing, their video is a messed i', wondering if that's my problem.
Now when i try to use DDj SZ and ME I get no Video Output. Songs that are video don't play video and media crate doesn't load videos. if i manually put a video into the channel window the video will play, but it stays in the window until i manually eject it, and its the video for the song i want to play they don't play synced.

is the possibility that having serato video, rekordbox video and ME all on the same computer just making it say I quit :)

i'm running a MB Pro 16G Ram 2.4 Quad Core. ME 3.1.1

never had problems prior to rekordbox but not sure if it could be the culprit.
any help would be appreciated. i need to use video this weekend and rekordbox video won't cut it for me.
thanks in advance.


  • In the top right corner of MixEmergency's main MixEmergency window, there is a pop-up menu. Is this set to "Serato DJ / Scratch Live"?
  • sadly the only ME box i didn't look at. it was set to ME. switched and working perfectly. thanks for that. not sure how or why it got changed, but will be first place i look next time.
    Have a great week.
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