Exporting a mix.
  • I am trying to export a mix but after 25 mins i get an error 108. Please can anybody help me.
  • How long is the mix? The error is one to do with the memory being full.
  • 82 mins and please how can clear the memory.
  • What preset are you using to export your mix? And at what dimensions?
  • dimension 1280 x 720
    scale strech
    High quality, fast encoding 25 fps
    Export movie to mpeg
  • Why does it take a long time for support from your software. It is just like a waste of money buying it and can't use it.
  • Can you please try to export a smaller portion of the mix, and see if this completes (lets say 20 minutes).

    I've been out of the office recently, and currently I'm working and replying to your support request on my Sunday afternoon. You can complain about that if you really want to.
  • okay i will try it and get back to you.
  • ^This guy is a fucking tool, DJ Johnson is quite fitting.
  • Still having the error 108 when exporting.Please can anyone help me?
  • It's a "memory full" error - so I'm not quite sure what is causing it here.

    Can you please e-mail, to: support@inklen.com , your MixEmergency log file and a reference to this discussion.

    You can find the log file at:


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