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Unable to Inc/Dec Channel FX Parameters via MIDI

edited March 2017 in MixEmergency
I've successfully MIDI mapped 2 pads on my controller to increment and decrement the FX selection for the crossfader.

However using the similar settings, I'm unable to do the same with the parameter select for the individual channels FX to choose between Manual / Position / Velocity / Bass Grid

Is this possible? Do i need different settings?

On the controller the 'Mode' is 'Gate', and the 'Type' is 'Control Change'.


  • It should be possible, and work exactly the same way. I'll make a note to try this out, and if it's not working I'll check this out in the code over the next days.
  • hey Nick, I'm curious if you've found anything?
  • Hey - sorry I forgot to update this discussion. I've found an issue in the code that needs to be fixed.
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