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Button Light Output

edited April 2017 in MixEmergency
I was wondering if the next update is going to have the ability of having an output for on/off lighting on MIDI device buttons. It would certainly make it easier to showcase the true power of Mix Emergency live and show it's great effects by being able to access presets thru pads and knobs on devices out there on the market. Knowing what preset is currently in use would open up new doors of creativity to live video mixing. I know Serato DJ has a MIDI Output Lighting feature. Would this be a difficult feature to implement?


  • We do have MIDI lighting for a lot of buttons in MixEmergency, but unfortunately it isn't really possible for these particular buttons (as they simply trigger the loading of a Preset - they don't actually indicate anything... that is, they don't show that a Preset is "on" or "off").
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