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Some questions about MixEmergency

edited April 2017 in MixEmergency

I'm testing MixEmergency with serato DJ, to see if it runs better then serato video on my macbook. While testing, these questions came up:

1. Is it possible to use only the channel faders of my pioneer ddj-sx2 for transition: fader down is black, fader up is on screen, both channel faders up is video mixed together? It's because i never use the crossfader and want to control the video's only with the channel faders.

2. Do i have to disable the serato video plugin when i use MixEmergency?

3. What's the best layout in serato to use MixEmergency? I've been dragging around with the control panel and the video windows in serato to see what's the beste place for them on my 13" macbook pro. I know this a personal preference, but some best practice tips are very welcome.

Greetings, Andy


  • Hi Andy.

    1) Yes, this is possible, there is an up-fader mixing mode (I've put more detail regarding this in the e-mail that I sent you).

    2) You don't have to disable the Serato Video plug-in (though, it may stop you accidentally launching it). It is recommended that you don't actually have Serato Video and MixEmergency running at the same time - as Serato Video will eat up a lot of the processing power of your computer.

    3) It's not really possible to give a "best" place for these, as it depends what parts of MixEmergency you want to use, and they layout of Serato DJ that you're using. The main piece of advice that I can give on this though, is that you shouldn't place any windows of MixEmergency over parts of Serato DJ that get updated regularly (for example, the waveforms), as this can cause a slight degradation of performance.
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