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Reset Preferences

edited May 2017 in MixEmergency
Searched the forum and found a way to reset preferences for ME pre-3.0

I was messing with wireless webcam overlay options and I uninstalled a driver. Looks like ME is trying to load that driver on startup and it gets stuck in a pinwheel lol. How do I reset the preferences? I searched for a preference file to delete and couldn't find when I was searching sub folders within ~/Library

Any help is appreciated lol. Need it back in time for a gig on Tuesday lol. Otherwise ME is running flawlessly hahaha


  • If you want to reset the Video Input settings, simply close MixEmergency, then delete the file:

  • Didn't work, still pinwheeling. Any other suggestions?
  • Can you run MixEmergency, wait until it is pinwheeling, then:

    1) Open the Terminal Application
    2) Enter the following command, press enter/return, and then wait for it to complete:

    sample MixEmergency -file ~/Desktop/mixemergency_sample.log

    3) E-mail me the "mixemergency_sample.log" file that has been created on your Desktop (you can e-mail this to )
  • And in the worst case... (after you've done the sampling above, so that I can figure out what it is):

    1) Rename (or delete) the folder named MixEmergency that is in your Movies folder
    2) In the Terminal application:

    defaults delete com.inklen.MixEmergency

    This should reset all of your MixEmergency Preferences and settings to the default state.
  • Followed the steps above still pinwheeling ... I'm seriously confused
  • Interesting update (for those with this issue).

    Turns out Nick was pointing to the Mobiola Webcam program. Which I uninstalled (using their uninstaller script). At first it didn't work, I then reset my PRAM & SMC and then when I loaded ME it just worked and everything was reset to default!

    Awesome stuff, thanks Nick!
  • edited May 2017
    Hey Nick! .. Problem came up again, can I e-mail you another log? (I'm wondering if there's another process that's causing this issue).
  • (For those interested: it was another webcam program causing issues)
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