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Poor Man's Approach

edited June 2017 in MixEmergency
wondering if its possible to midi map the crossfader and line faders to a 57 while running an SL3 and SDJ.


  • Unfortunately the Rane 57 SL doesn't feature MIDI, so this isn't possible.
  • Nick, it seems like it botched up something at home and when I am out at the bar the 57 crossfader and line volumes do nothing in ME. I was messing with the midi mapping at home prior to your response. How can I revert or clear up what I did?
  • Are you using the 57 directly with Scratch Live? Or are you still using Serato DJ with the SL 3?

    If you're using the 57 directly with Scratch Live, check that the crossfader mode is enabled on the Control Window (to the top-left of the crossfader in MixEmergency), and that in the Transition section of the Preferences that "Use External Controller Crossfader" is enabled.

    If it's still not working, open Video-SL/Serato Video and make sure that the faders are working in this - as if they're not working here, then MixEmergency will not be able to use the faders either.
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