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Video Output not matching Audio

edited June 2017 in MixEmergency

I am attempting to output my video mix at (1280x720 - Best Quality, Fast Encode, 29.97 FPS)

The issue is when I try to lay my video on top of the audio, the video does not matchup to what I recorded in real time. It is like it is getting stretched.

Any suggestions?


  • Do you know how far it is off by? I'm just wondering if you're importing the audio using an incorrect sample rate for the audio, or something like this (e.g. if you recorded at 44.1kHz, but are playing the audio back at 48kHz, then that would explain an offset).
  • i have a problem when i record my video mix the audio output gain on my mixemergency doesnt respond the gain and when i export my video mix i cant hear the sound(oudio output) am using pioneer ddj sz software serato dj with mixemergence how can i do...
  • but the video output finished with the best quality the problem is audio of it
  • You'll need to go into the Pioneer DJ setup utility and assign 2 of your channels to be the "REC (MIX)" channels. Next, when you go to record in MixEmergency, select your Pioneer DDJ-SZ as the Device, and set the channels to be the ones that you assigned to be the "REC (MIX)" USB channels.
  • edited August 2017
    I think that it is problem with software or with slots on your devices. Everything should fit
  • I've noticed this issue as well. The file is time stretched and pitched down compared to the audio that was recorded using Serato. When syncing the video file to the audio file in Final Cut Pro X, I have to alter the speed of the video file by matching it up with the waveform of the audio file and it is around 104% after altering it. If I were to rely on the audio of the video file, I would insert the Pitch plug-in and put 0.3 on the Pitch Effect slider and it seems to be close enough. But then the audio of the video file ends up sounding a little distorted.

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