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edited June 2017 in MixEmergency
Hallo everyone, kindly help me solve the problem with my ME. While recording video songs and i put my LOGO under the Image button, the video song will be recorded without the logo.
Secondly, should I play videos under Serato Dj/Scratch live or ME?? Also my videos keeps hanging/freezes several while playing and it does stop unexpectedly though I do get a notification that my ME has stopped.
Am looking forward for a solution over these.
Kind regards


  • Hi Aisher.

    For the first problem: what dimensions are you using when recording, and what dimensions are you using when exporting?

    For the second: I would recommend playing videos via Serato DJ.

    As for MixEmergency stopping, could you please e-mail me (to: ) your MixEmergency log file (with a reference to this discussion). You can find it at:

  • edited July 2017
    Yes, try Serato. This program is very useful. Couple of users from this site adviced me it
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