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FX Sequencer - Add Type "Loop" - not synced and no trigger?

edited June 2017 in MixEmergency
Would it be possible to add a 4th option for Type - Loop, with an on/off button. So when you click on the sequence just loops through but not synced with a track, just beat synced.

I think for visual scratching it would be nice to scratch away on 1 sample and the FX changes with the beat.


  • It might be a little confusing as to what it should follow, and I guess you're expecting it to trigger when you turn it on, is that right? If not, I'm not sure how it would line up with the beat.
  • Yes, trigger when you turn it on, synced to the nearest beat would be fine.

    I guess what i'm looking for is a way to cycle through effects while I'm scratching, on beat so the visuals are changing
  • It sounds interesting... I'll have a think about how to possibly implement this.
  • nice one! Thank you!
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