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Can i MIDI mute/unmute a sample while it continuously plays?

edited July 2017 in MixEmergency
I want to bring a 30 second audio/video sample to the screen using a MIDI keyboard. But I don't want the sample to start from the beginning each time i hit the MIDI note. I want it to reveal the current position of the sample on the screen(with the audio) until i release the key each time.


  • Yes, you can do this - but you'll need to:

    1) Start the sample playing, either with the on-screen controls, of via MIDI
    2) Map a MIDI Note to the Mix control of the Sample Player (you may need to set this to Analog, in the Advanced mapping options)

    When you send the MIDI Note "on", MixEmergency will then set the Mix level to 100%, showing your video. When the "off" note is sent, the Mix level should then go back to 0%, hiding the playing sample from view.
  • thank you. this works perfectly for the video in the Sample Player! i set the Mode to Analog and it works. but for muting/unmuting sound, Serato DJ does not does not have an Analog mode in its MIDI setup that i can see (only note on toggle). is there some way I can have the Serato audio follow what ME does with the video?
  • I'm not sure, regarding Serato DJ - and I don't have any hardware with me at the moment, unfortunately. Perhaps you can request help from Serato, or post on the Serato DJ forum?
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