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Sampler out of sync

edited July 2017 in MixEmergency

As far as I'm aware you cannot trigger samples with the beat, unlike how you can do it with FX using the FX sequencer.

A workaround is to program the X/Y coordinates for the sample so the sample has the effect of going on and off.

However I am encountering issues where it falls out of sync in BPM. Is there a solution for this?


  • Actually this seems to be a program wide issue, the FX sequencer is also out of sync. Didn't notice it earlier but noticed it now. Framerates are at over 60fps in the info window though.
  • Seems like the effects are different for each song. Some songs the FX sequencer is on beat 1 and my Serato beatgrid is on bar 1 beat 1 and it stays in sync throughout. For others ME is either way off, or it starts right and falls out of sync. The effect is not random however, the same audio file always has consistent behaviour with loop(sync) for FX sequencer and the sampler.

    How does ME determine what is the 1st beat? It does not appear to use the Serato beatgrid.
  • Okay solved my problem after trying some stuff. The files I had that were in flac format had issues. I converted them to wav and after setting up the beatgrids every song that had issues is now fixed.
  • Glad to hear that you've got this sorted out. I'll have to look into the FLAC issue and see if there is anything that I can do.
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