Mobiola and MixEmergency
  • When I used to have ME v 3.0, I could use Mobiola app as a video source (Mobiola is an app that connects with iPhone to use as a webcam).

    Now since ME v. 3.1, I can no longer see the Mobiola app as a video source, only my MacBook Pro built in camera.

    Where can I download v. 3.0?
  • I've replied to your e-mail.
  • Was there a fix for this? I Wass having the same problem with that app not working? Thanks
  • I believe that he went back to an older version. It's very odd though - nothing, regarding this part of the software, has changed between those versions.
  • I purchased Mobiola and upgraded to ME 3.1, Mobiola is not showing up as a source. Can you hold my hand, pls?
  • We don't provide support for individual applications. Is it still working on older versions of MixEmergency?

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