Video causing SDJ to lag
  • So at one of my venues, I plug into one of the displays via HDMI straight to my MBP. Everything runs fine for a while but then I'll notice that my waveforms in SDJ begin to lag. If I quit ME (while I'm playing) and restart it, everything runs fine again.. for a while. I end up needing to do this a few times throughout the nite. Not a huge issue since the video only goes down for about 10-15 seconds but does anyone have any idea why this may be happening and/or how I can fix it?

    Sidenote, it's quite possible the display is 4k if that makes a difference...
  • That's very odd. Are you monitoring the temperature of your computer?

    Perhaps you can check the Output dimensions on MixEmergency's Info Window? Is it putting out 4k video? If so, this might be too much for your graphics processor to handle, and you might want to reduce the output dimensions, which you can do through the Display section of the macOS System Preferences.
  • I dropped the output quality down to 50%, with no visible difference (to my eyes anyway) and that seemed to take care of it.
  • Sounds as though the output was likely at 4k, and that this might have been pushing your computer too hard.

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