Sample Player - OVERLOAD!!!
  • Hi Nick

    I seem to have this issue where sometimes when I trigger videos from the sample player, it pushes the system bit too far and I get the dreaded orange/red dot overload in Serato DJ.

    It only happens on certain videos that are loaded.

    I was just wondering what the best way to encode videos was that would use the least load and what factors cause the most drain on the system? (frame rate, encoder, screen size etc)

    I'm trying to make a compressor preset that I can just use to re-encode my various videos.

    For the short ones I do use the HAP codec but was looking for a compromise on file size and system load if you get what I mean.


  • I would recommend Hap for all video samples. I know that they can be larger files, but they will perform the best in the Sample Player.

    The topic of encoding can get a little bit complicated, and certain aspects of the video might change the way that you decide to encode them (for example, if you need an alpha channel). In general, lowering the framerate, for videos in the Sample Player, can be a good idea if you have high framerate videos (e.g. 50+ frames per second).
  • Thanks Nick :)

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