Anyone run their web cam all night?
  • I finally was able to upgrade to ME 3.0 with a new laptop. Running smooth. Too smooth..

    So I saw the feature of running your webcam on, which is cool. I turned it on and mixed it with video. But at home, figured out how to put it in the corner with regular videos running full screen.

    Has anyone run it like this all night? Any problems with resources?

    It seems fun to do as peeps get some insight to what the dj is doing....
  • I do this as well, seems to work nicely for me. I use the Logitech 920 running at highest quality. I do not keep it on the entire night tho, I just MIDI map it to my mixer and turn it on when I feel its the best time to show off myself rocking the set or show the crowd on those "hands up" moments. I do see that sometimes the webcam output lags the longer it is running. So switching it off at times helps save resources.
  • Thanks for your response. I run it even though I don't do much. Just something different, if I was smart, I would figure out a way to do something with it...haven't had any problems either. Thanks for the into on the camera, I am pretty sure it would look better with light and a way to get a wider view

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