Mac Book Pro 2015 vs 2016 graphics?
  • Everytime I do a simple search for "Intel Iris Pro Graphics" or even simply Mac Book Pro I get a list of posts and they don't have what I'm looking for.

    My question is this. Seeing that the new MBPs have third party video cards and the 2015 MBPs that are currently available have Intel Iris Pro Graphics cards, how much of a performance advantage is having say, a Radeon?

    I know that GPU acceleration is king, but does that mean the Intel Iris Pro Graphics can't do GPU acceleration since it's not it's own processor and is using the CPU instead? Am I wrong at assuming this?

    Thanks ahead gang.
  • Both can do GPU-accelerated video decoding. The advantage of a discrete GPU is that it is often a lot more powerful, and can handle more work via MixEmergency when it is adding effects that need more processing (for example, Blur filters require a lot of processing power).

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