snapchat qtz file
  • hey guys & girls

    does anyone know of a SNAPCHAT qtz file to overlay over my videos, or to run onto a separate screen, so people can see them on the big screen

    thanks GS
  • Hi djgs, do you really need a qtz file? You can download your snapchat code image and drop it in the image overlay, or media banks. If you still need a qtz file, pm me your snapchat and I can make one real quick!!!
  • Hey davidbarese

    i am sorry, i did not explain myself fully......i was wanting wanting a quartz file or program to show snapchats linked to a account to show on the screems when i am using video

    i hope that makes sense
  • oh ok, no prob. Yeah, I don't think that is possible. Snapchat is restricted to mobile app only with no API, I'm sure they wanna keep it that way.
  • I know it's not Snapchat, but have you checked out It can do Instagram pictures, Twitter and also SMS/MMS messages and overlay on top of your videos :)

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