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Text pulling data from track info

edited September 2017 in MixEmergency
It would also be great to have the text overlay being able to display info from the tracks being played in Serato. ;)
Or have the infos displayed via a plugin...
Very useful in a lot of situations : mixes to be shared, type based animations related to the track, etc...


  • Hi BADIW, you can do this via a quartz composition. Just use the published inputs. I think there is already an example of this in the ME download, let me see if I can dig it up.
  • Thank you so much.
  • So I looked and there is a couple templates in the MixEmergency dmg, just go into the Example Quartz Compositions folder and you will see a few templates:

    MixEmergency Template.qtz
    MixEmergency Template2.qtz
    MixEmergency Template2 Demo AS1 AS2 AL1 AL2 D M P1 P2.qtz

    These templates need a little editing tho if you want display track info. I created a simple Quartz Composition that shows the Artist - Title tags of the deck that's playing. You can download it here:
    I made it so you can change some things like the color of the font and the x,y position by editing the XML file in a text editor. You just need to make sure the XML file is on your desktop.
  • Awesome David ! Thank you very much !!!!
  • no problem!!!!
  • @davidbarese you the man!!! Thanks for that. I would like to know if you can update it a little for it to look like a lower third, or a nice pop up window that disappears after some time. Cheers man!!!

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