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Tonetable needs to be updated

edited September 2017 in Tonetable
iPad just released its new OS 11 and Tonetable is not compatible. I use tonetable a lot and I really been waiting for a update or is this a discontinued Product. If so anything close to this I can use?


  • So no Response? I waited a couple of days for a response, but I see none. Is this Product a lost cause at this point?
  • I'm still looking into options as to what to do for Tonetable. Unfortunately it will require quite a bit of investment in terms of development work (hardware, and the time to update the code/test) to get this updated on the AppStore, and for an application that doesn't really give any returns anymore, it's getting hard to justify this.
  • This Product should definitely be discontinued then. If it's not going to be compatible with future OS or updated, put up a warning to let consumers know it will not work with OS11. Really it's a shame such a wonderful product, iPad Pro's work great with this, but they automatically updated, so no more Tontable for me. Thanks for response.
  • I'm still looking into updating it - so we will see, in the coming weeks, if this will happen (it's not unlikely, at least). :)
  • This has been updated, and should now work on iOS 11.
  • What???? Are you serious!!! Fking awesome you Rock!!!
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