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High Sierra Compatibility

edited September 2017 in MixEmergency
It's that time of the year again where we ask the question. Is Mixemergency High Sierra compatible?

Another question

@nick Any chance of creating more downloads for FX presets and FX Sequencer Presets.

It will be nice to have properly done ones, the ones I did are kinda ratchet and I'm often just using the stock ones.

I will especially like combo ones that are based over song structure eg a one shot build up strobes and the drop.

Or can you just create a sticky post where we can share stuff


  • I'm not aware of any issues regarding MixEmergency and macOS High Sierra. However, it is best to hold off updating until Serato officially begin supporting this version of macOS.

    FX Sequencer Presets might be worth looking into. There are a few guys who I've seen share their personal ones online in the past (I have no idea who though, or where links to these would be).
  • I updated today and all ME does is crash, reload, crash, reload, etc until you ignore and just don't use it. I really thought there would be no issue updating after the Serato compatibility announcement. But I do keep getting a midi error message as well on Serato bottom status bar when ME crashes every time
  • The frames per second reduces in the video output screen of 50-60 in sierra with serato 1.9.6 to 12-20 frames per second with serato 1.9.10 and high sierra.waiting for this problem can be solved as soon as I appreciate your attention.
  • High Sierra user here. It worked as it should tonight. I updated earlier during the week and never even got a chance to fully test it with two decks playing. It worked with offline player and at my gig tonight it worked with two decks.

  • Btw I'm using a mid 14 MBP.
  • Cool - good to hear :)
  • @Nick what's good. I'm having some performance issues.

    Serato DJ 1.9.10
    MacOS 10.13.1
    Mid 14 MacBook Pro 15 with Retina 2gb

    ME is causing Serato DJ to have performance issues. The wave forms are jerky. There is a delay in controller to software response.

    If unplug the HDMI screen...the jerkiness goes away. I thought it was a bad HDMI cable so I used a brand new one. No difference. I'm using the MBP HDMI port btw.

    If I close ME SDJ works fine.

    I will try with my thunderbolt dock which has its own HDMI slot as a last resort.

    I have done all the usual trouble shooting stuff...restart..Wi-Fi off etc.

  • I haven't used ME in two weeks or so. I did a security update yesterday on the Mac.
    Everything else is as it was.

    It's quite unuseable today.

    The videos are showing well on the screen btw. No stuttering or whatever but SDJ isn't working right.
  • That's odd. I'm not sure where to begin with this - seeing as it was working well before (and I assume that nothing else has changed with regards to the display). Do you get the same issues if you use an adaptor from the Thunderbolt port?
  • I went to my gig on sat and used the adaptor.

    I did not stress test.

    I left the preview window at lowest quality setting and I got through the gig fine.

    Before now I could use ME with the preview window at their highest setting
  • How do you have MixEmergency set up? Is it "pinned" to float on top of Serato DJ? Are you auto-hiding the dock/menu bar? Is Serato DJ full-screen or windowed?
  • SDJ always full screen

    ME is pinned on top - I have sampler, media bank and the combo preview window stacked to my right lower corner. I have the Presets window half coveringmy crates and library.

  • Does it help if you put SDJ in windowed mode or/and don't have MixEmergency pinned?
  • I will try that
  • I'm having the same problem. High Sierra was just fine with SDJ & ME (3.1.1) until the most recent 2 updates. Now the waveforms are super jerky. Not pleasant to look at. I did try multiple things: I played around with multiple SDJ audio buffer settings, SDJ waveform frame rates, ME RAM settings, ME preview frame rates, ME output quality settings and more.

    The only thing that gets SDJ waveforms running smoothly again is closing ALL 3 of ME's preview windows, while ME still runs in the background. No, I do not have any ME windows on top of any SDJ moving GUI parts. I do have ME pinned on top though
  • Do you still have the issue if you use the Single Preview window mode in MixEmergency?
  • I will try that next and let you know
  • Yes. Same result regardless of single or multiple preview window mode. Choppy/jerky waveforms
  • I'll have to see if I can reproduce this. There is a new version coming soon, and so it'll be interesting to see if you have the same issues with this.
  • Ok. Let me know if you need any help with testing it. Would love to get this sorted asap. Not sure what Apple did to change the video in these last 2 releases
  • I can confirm the issue is still there with a new MacBook pro 17 touch bar with 4gb video card.

    I re-installed Sierra on my 2014 MBP and the issue isn't there.

    Can't wait for the new version.

    BTW Is ME 32bit or 64bit?

  • MixEmergency is a 32-bit application.
  • 2 different laptops btw.

    2014 and 2017

    I restored the 2014 to Sierra and the jerkiness of Serato is gone but the 2017 was shipped with High Sierra and jerky.

    This is with both the stable and beta ME
  • Hmm, that's frustrating. I'll see if I can reproduce this at all.
  • Yeah. It definitely has to do with the latest 3 High Sierra updates. The very first release was smooth like Sierra. But not anymore
  • Have you tried it?
  • Not yet. I’m going to have to buy an adapter to try this. Must have handed out my old ones after using this MBP for so long lol
  • And I also haven’t tried this beta yet either. But I’m super tempted right now. Hoping anything helps this stuttering waveform issue
  • Let me know how you get on :)
  • Is it save to install high-sierra or use the older sierra to use ME? To use ME without problems.
    I'm not sure to upgrade my mac to high-sierra.
  • Some glitching of Serato waveform (doesn't affect output video and audio) in high Sierra.

    I've observed this in both Macs I own (mid 14 MacBook Pro and mid 17 MacBook Pro with Touch bar)

  • Installed Serato DJ Pro last night and got into an update frenzy. I upgraded to High Sierra without checking for full compatibility. I'm running the latest released version 10.13.3, and I've tried both ME 3.1.1 and the 3.2 beta. Both crash on opening. I only play out live a few times a month, but when I do I run video. I can roll back if I need to, but do you recommend any troubleshooting steps to get it running on High Sierra? I can provide my crash logs if it would help. Thanks.
  • Do you have any old 3rd party video overlay apps installed? I had a few of these that Nick helped me find, they were the culprit of ME crashing on me after my update
  • Camtwist. That did it. Hadn’t used it in years. Just uninstalled it, and ME opened the very first time.
  • You're the second person that has had issues with Camtwist recently. Unfortunately I don't think that it's playing well with macOS.
  • Hi @nick, will you be required to make ME 64bit too
  • It hadn't played well with it for a while. I've tried to use it with Syphon capture, and it glitched out even on Sierra. Not sure why I kept it, but when Poproxxx mentioned 3rd party apps, it's the first one that had to go. Thanks, again!
  • @dj_marv Eventually I'll have to make a 64-bit version of MixEmergency. Unfortunately this isn't quite as simple as it sounds, hehe.
  • edited July 2018

    Just used my Roland dj505 for the first time with ME. everything gets very jerky and glitchy as soon as I open ME, played with all the settings but couldn't get anything to help. My Serato Video works ok but rather use ME. Using Serato DJ Pro & High Sierra. Has there been any updates with this issue?

  • @madisonhayes I reduced the quality of the preview screens when I had jerkiness.

  • Still experiencing bad waveform stutters/choppiness with ME and High Sierra. No update has solved it yet. Serato Video is better with the waveforms, so no idea what's causing it

  • @DJ PopRoXX hope you don't have hi-res enabled in Serato?

  • It doesn't matter on my machine. Hi-Res on OR off, bad waveforms. Late 2013-Early 2014 MacBook Pro Retina 15"

  • Send me an e-mail ( and we can see if a newer version has any effect on this issue.

  • Ok. Let's have a go Nick!

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