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MixEmergency 3.2.0 Public Beta

edited November 2018 in MixEmergency
[Edit: the official release of MixEmergency 3.2.0 is out now.]

Hi folks,

I’m releasing this as a public beta version to get feedback on any potential issues before it is released as the final version of MixEmergency 3.2.0. Please be aware that, while this has been thoroughly tested, it is still a beta version, and should be treated as such. I highly recommend that you keep a copy of MixEmergency 3.1.1 on your computer in case you need to revert to this.

If you notice any new issues with this version, please e-mail your feedback to, or add your comment to this discussion.

The list of changes in this public beta of MixEmergency 3.2.0 are:

- Added playback of MixEmergency Media Sequences.
- Added Media Sequence Editor.
- Added collapsable sections to the Overlays window.
- Added Blend Modes for the NDI and Syphon Overlays.
- Added Phoenix and Glow Blend Modes.
- Added custom dimensions for NDI output.
- Added options to the pop-up menus of the Sample Player to add NDI and Syphon inputs.
- Added support for relative paths in all Preset types.
- Updated NDI to use the latest v2 SDK.
- Reduced the minimum dimensions of the Preview windows.
- Reduced CPU usage when crossfading.
- Fixed an issue that would cause Serato DJ XML metadata to not be read in some cases.
- Fixed a potential crash when using the Text Overlay.
- Fixed a bug where the a connected screen could not be used if it had the same name as another screen.
- Fixed a potential locking issue when starting MixEmergency.
- Fixed a bug where memory available to the GPU was incorrectly reported when it was over 2GB.
- Fixed a bug where the full list of Blend Modes was not available to the Sample Player.
- Fixed a bug where MIDI increment/decrement would not work for the control mode of MixEmergency's effects.
- Correctly set the minimum macOS version to 10.8.
- Fixed small memory leaks.

[Download link removed. Please use the official release version availble from our website.]


  • Has the bug when rendering a recorded set 3.? would freeze and stop. Seem to remember you had to hop back to an older version.
  • If you were having this issue before, could you please try again with this version?
  • what kind of media is recommended for the new Media Sequence Editor?

    can we save presets in the presets bank to make it easy to recall?

  • how do we use the media sequencer? i mean how to make it active?
  • You save sequences as their own file type. Then you can load a sequence file into MixEmergency like you would any other media (e.g. a video, or Quartz Composition).
  • Thanks. Will try it out.

  • Respect. always innovating Nick.

    Blend modes for NDI and syphon got me smiling bigtime!
  • i tried with some visuals and there was no movement. it cycled through like a "powerpoint" [still images of each video]

    what am i doing wrong?

    the visuals are h.264 encoded mov files
  • Take that back works now
  • Now I know why it didn't work right the first time. I changed the second parameter from BPM to Beats.

    What's the beat drop menu option for then?

  • Did you have the BPM/beat grid set on the audio track that you were playing? The BPM mode bases the speed of the video on a relative adjustment to the audio (so, if the video is set to 240 BPM, and your audio track is 120 BPM, then the video should play at half speed).
  • Ok I see the default for the media sequencer is at 120 bpm and 8 beats interval.

    1. Say the native BPM of the loaded clip is 100 what happens

    2. Say the BPM of the playing Serato track is 85 what happens

    3. If change the drop down from BPM to Beats (default is 8 bpm) what is meant to happen?

    Btw when I changed from BPM to Beats I get just still images as against movie clip.

  • I'll see if I can reproduce this.

    1) If the video is 100 BPM, and the audio is playing at 120 BPM, then the video will play at 1.2x speed.

    2) If the Serato track slows down to 85 BPM, then this 100 BPM video will then play at 0.85x speed.

    3) The "Beats" allows you to set the duration of the clip in beats. So, if the video is exactly 2 seconds long, and you set the Beats value to 4 (that is, telling MixEmergency that the video has 4 beats over 2 seconds), then MixEmergency treats this video as though it is 120 BPM.
  • Many thanks for explaining that.

    so the 120 bpm that is written has no bearing on the bpm of the loaded clip?

    many of my clip visuals don't have audio tracks, so i dont know the bpm.

    Another question how do i wipe ME midi. I'm trying to map a new controller and even before inputting anything some of the buttons are triggering events in ME.
  • downloading the beta see how it goes..
  • The BPM that you can change in the Media Sequence will affect the speed of the video, relative to whatever audio is playing.

    To reset all MIDI controls in ME... go to the menu bar, select "Window", then "MIDI", then push the "Reset" button on the MIDI window that opens.
  • Can’t wait to try this! And also with High Sierra
  • Nick - no plans to support Rekordbox? I was planning to upgrade my controller :(
  • No, no planned Rekordbox support at this stage.
  • That new lyric plug in for Rekordbox sounds interesting on paper. Any chance something like that could make it's way to ME or that's beyond your remit?
  • Yeah, it looks good, but to be honest, it's not something that I'm particularly interested in implementing within MixEmergency at the moment.
  • No problemo. I will try out the Rekordbox' own if it's good I will make a feature request thread for Mixemergency and you can judge by the feedback if its something you might wanna reconsider.

  • Still have the SDJ stuttering waveform issue on High Sierra
  • Hi Nick, Hi all, thanks for this new beta version, I'll try it later and give you my feedback...
  • I have the same visual stutter issue in a club environment. I 've done the light sensor optimization as recommended by Serato.

    MacBook pro 15"
    Mid 17
    2.9ghz CUP
    16GB Ram
    4gb GPU
    High Sierra 10.13.2
    Serato DJ 1.9.10
    Denon MC6000MKII
    Pioneer DDJ XP1 (mapped to Mixemergency)

    Outputting to the club HDMI matrix via a 50 ft HDMI over LAN set up.

    Besides that issue I used it live for 4 hours last night and it was stable and I experienced no crashes.
  • @dj_marv are you connecting via the HDMI port of your computer? If so, are you able to try the Thunderbolt (or whatever other option is available) port via a Thunderbolt to HDMI adaptor?
  • @nick my laptop doesn't have an HDMI port. It's the newer macs.
    I have a thunderbolt 2 dock and the dock has HDMI, USB A etc
    It's a powered dock...Elgato Thunderbolt 2 dock.

    I connect it to my laptop using the official Apple Thunderbolt 3/USB Type C to Thunderbolt 2 adapter dongle
  • Used the beta on saturday night and I am super impressed, it ran like a dream!

    I'm still on Sierra on my work laptop and didn't notice anything different apart from the load on the CPU. Drastically reduced. The ability to reduce the preview windows is a welcome bonus and will come in very useful for Serato DJ Pro where the spare screen space has been used up with the new deck design.

    Just got my head around the new Media Sequences and this will be very useful.

    So thanks Nick, awesome work as per! Looking forward to putting it thorough it's paces!

  • What is the release date of 3.2.0?
  • I'm connecting straight to the HDMI port on my MBP Retina
  • @cheekyk That's good to hear :)

    @Jsierra1 There is no firm release date - essentially it's when I feel that it's ready.

    @djpoproxxx Can you try via the Thunderbolt port?
  • I'll have to see if I still have one of those lying around. I'll get back to you
  • for those of you having stutter issues make sure you have this setting checked synchronize output to screen refresh it fixed alot of my issues inside preferences under advance
  • mine is checked. it's a newer High Sierra release problem
  • Nick, I tried using my thunderbolt hub (it's been a long time). But I couldn't get the HDMI port to work correctly. Must've gone bad over time
  • Maybe you can borrow an adaptor to try?
  • I'll see what I can dig up. I also notice that when I change different overlays, the video screen free
  • Ok no matter what I do I can not figure out this media sequencer can someone post a youtube or a quick instruction for dummies please Thank you
  • well I found out tonight that turning "synchronize output to screen refresh" off on my machine (2014 MBP Retina 15") with High Sierra helped the stuttering SDJ waveforms a good bit
  • hey poproxxx, where is this option found??
  • @Culprit : Into Preferences, then Advanced, untick
  • The problem is that when this is turned off, you may notice some "tearing" on the output image. A good way to see if this is happening is to use one of the Spinning Cube transitions, which will give you a good moving vertical line to pick this up.
  • Ok Nick, I will check that out. But obviously something got messed with on the newer updates of High Sierra that makes this great option you added not able to work anymore. So hopefully we found the case (or came close to it) that can help with this waveform stutter glitch fix
  • What, essentially, would the tearing look like with the Spinning Cube transition? I use it often and it looked almost the same as normal. But then again, the venue I'm at twice a week has the feed going from HD (from me) to SD (from a converter box to their system - why? I have no idea lol). So I'm not getting a pure HD output to watch. Maybe I'll try at home too when I have the next chance
  • Hmm, how to explain it.... You'll notice that one half of the screen is updating before the other half (e.g. the top 1/4 may have a new frame, and the bottom 3/4 might have the old frame). This can be quite subtle, especially if it's updating at a high frame rate. Having the cube transition spin horizontally can help to make this easier to spot.
  • Here's some info on what you might see:
  • Ok. I see. I’ll look at it again tonight
  • Yeah, I've seen the tearing. Not crazy bad, but still there. Having this off makes everything run smoothly though, for the SDJ waveforms vs ME. I'll play this way for now until we can get this sorted out
  • Ok - I guess you just have to decide which of the two you're willing to compromise on for now. :)
  • Hey Nick,

    Any chance we can get vertical scrolling for images this round?
  • No plans for this in 3.2, sorry.
  • Damn ok, have to keep my fingers crossed I guess.
  • Hi
    any chances of having a text saving options?, meaning we can save multiple texts that we can load any time we need them.
    Im still doing preliminary test looking solid so far.
    thanks for what you are doing
    best regards
  • You can do this via the Presets window. There is a tab for text overlays which will allow you to save an recall the text settings.
  • Hi Nick thanks for the huge work

    one question for the media sequence editor.
    ok i drop some media (images video etc) it all seem to work fine
    i save the media sequence on my hard drive
    how do you use this?

    i did drop the sequence into the preview window of deck 2 while playing an audio track and it was fine.
    i saw that i can drop the media sequence into the media bank also great.

    is there another way of using this that i am missing

    also if i drop an image file it while display 8 beats of the audio track on the deck?

    sorry if my english is not very clear.

    thank a lot

  • Yes, that is how it is intended to be used - you use the Media Sequence over an audio track.

    Yes, it uses the beats of the audio track to give the position within the Media Sequence, so 8 beats of an image will align with 8 beats from the track. :)
  • WORKING GREAT!! with my serato dj pro and pioneer ssz on sierra high! was experiencing freezing and random stopping of my serato program when using 3.1 but no issues on 3.2 for over 4 hours last night!
  • That's good to hear :)
  • Nick,
    Thanks a lot for you time, and workd.

    2 Extra questions and one general comment

    Question 1 can you add more medias to the media sequence?
    (i am not in front of the soft, but i believe you can only put like 6 medias in the sequence)

    Question 2 : is it possible to do maybe that the Media bank can play another media of the bank if the first is over?
    For example i play an audio song of 4minutes.
    in my media bank i have one media of 1minute , one of 2minutes, one of 3 ...
    at this time ME will play for example one video randomly and loop it.
    but it cannont swicth. Right?

    If you can make it swith you will not need to add more medias to the media sequence, because i will save several medias sequences and put them on the media bank.

    Comment :
    But this is not related to ME or Serato, but probably more with macs
    and i already said this to serato, i am surprised that sometimes it freezes or lags when i lunch internet or turn on off wifi...
    I mean, and please do not take these personal for people loving mac :
    i used do be on a pc : i5, 16g ram, graphic video nvidia 2g ram. serato + serato video. You can turn wifi on , off, launch photoshop at the same time etc etc... perfect worked like a charm for 8 years!
    Plus i mixed under the direct sun, hyper hot, all fine. Mixed on clubs hyper hot, horrible but worked.

    i switched to mac a year ago, only becase a piece of my pc broke and cannot be fixed so i decided to switch and have mixemergency instead of serato video. (love what ME can do in terms of mixing video).
    macbook pro , i7, 16g ram + amd graphic 2g ram.
    And you have random cuts or lags if you turn off on wifi....
    Cannot play under the sun, cannont play if it is too hot...

    i have to admit that sometimes i am worry before some sets when i go with the mac...
    My pc costed 8 years ago much less than what the mac cost, but as you can see the pc was well equiped for that time. so there is a bit of desappointement, and the only confort i have is using ME.

  • HI
    I found a bug when playing 2 videos and try to load text overlays or change from one to another ME crash instantly I got to close the software and reopen it every time it happens
  • Macbook Pro 15" 2017, CPU 3.1gb i7, PCI Express SSD 1gb, 4gb GPU
  • i think, but please check
    on the media sequence editor,
    if i choose length and i want to click on the little pencil to change it is only possible for medias 4, 5 ..
    but not for 1,2,3
  • @DJCarlos - Question 1: not via the interface, but I think that this is possible if you edit the XML file itself. Generally I wouldn't recommend doing this though.

    Question 2: why not use a media sequence for this?
  • @djflecha - can you please e-mail me your crash logs? To do this:

    1) Go to the Mac OS X Finder.
    2) Hold down the "option" key then in the menu bar select "Go" > Library.
    3) In the window that opens, navigate to the folder named "Logs", and within this "DiagnosticReports".
    4) Send any files that begin with MixEmergency, or com.inklen.MixEmergency back to me in an e-mail.
  • spoke too soon ...used the beta version for 3 hours then stuttering and freezing started occuring ... actually shut the club down for 20 min while restarting computer and all programs .. .. using a Pioneer DDJ-SZ controller ... i have noticed when searching using spotlight or finder is when the issue starts .... serato pro dj locks up videos will play for a few seconds more than stuttering will occur... seems to maybe be a controller issue?!
  • If it took 20 mins to restart your computer and programs, that's got to be a Mac issue!
    Mine doesn't crash very often but where it has, i've been up and running within 2-3 mins tops
  • Yeah - it doesn't sound specifically MixEmergency related. The first thing that I would do is check the temperature that your computer is running at (though, usually heat issues casue problems earlier than after 3 hours).
  • If you're having heat issues, I recommend this app:

  • I'm having major crash issues. It may be my ddjsr because that's where i'm having the most issues but i have felt the music stutter a few times using Pio mixers and my ddjsz.

  • Are you having the crashes with Serato DJ or with MixEmergency?

  • Hi Nick - do we know when this beta will go live? Also, any plans to add some new transitions?

  • Not yet. There have been a few authorisation issues/fixes that have gone into a new version that I hope to get out as 3.2 before 3.3 is ready.

    As for new transitions - there are things being worked on, but I can't really say anything more than this.

  • When is the beta becoming official lol or can we just assume it's official. I've been using it weekly since January and no bugs to report.

  • There are still some very minor fixes coming (mostly just to fix an authorisation issue that a couple of users have encountered), but otherwise this release is pretty stable and finished. MixEmergency 3.3 is on the way too, haha - so if that's finished first, an official 3.2 release may be skipped.

  • 3.3 even better.

    All good. I use twice a week at gigs. Happy to test betas.

  • please release soon?

    i think that GPU bug is killing the 2018 mb pros

    fast cue point play is really delayed. overall, a lot of latency/lag on video playback for me

    love you guys, thank you!

    me 3.1
    high sierra 10.13.6
    mb pro
    2.9 ghz
    radeon pro 560x 4096 mb
    intel uhd 630 1536 mb

  • Hola estoy probando la beta 3.2 en mojave cero problemas lo unico que al conectar con adaptador thunderbolt (2) a VGA y mi disco lacie en el otro puerto los waderform se traban en fotma exajerada el problema tiende a solucionarse al conectar solo salida en el puerto HDMI.
    Que configuracion me recomiendan en video
    estoy con Rane 62
    Nombre del modelo: MacBook Pro
    Identificador del modelo: MacBookPro11,3
    Nombre del procesador: Intel Core i7
    Velocidad del procesador: 2,3 GHz
    Cantidad de procesadores: 1
    Cantidad total de núcleos: 4
    Caché de nivel 2 (por núcleo): 256 KB
    Caché de nivel 3: 6 MB
    Memoria: 16 GB
    Versión de la ROM de arranque: MBP112.0146.B00
    Versión SMC (sistema): 2.19f12
    SSD 512
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB
    Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for all the info and updates! Looking forward to the new version!

    With that in mind,

    Is is possible to add a feature/preference that is along the lines of: "Use Media Bank Only"

    This feature would in essence OVERRIDE the song's video and use the Media Bank instead. But, if the song already does not have a video or media attached it would still just use the media bank like it does already.

    This feature would be ideal for myself since some nights I have gigs where the venue doesn't want an actual music video of a song being shown on the screens/LED panels, but still wants visuals on screen. I realize that I could download a non-video version of the song or strip the audio of a song but I would prefer to not do this since I would just add redundant files to my libraries.

    Any Ideas?


  • That's an interesting idea (and not hard to implement). I wonder how many people would use this?

  • I personally do this with the sample player that I have hooked up to a midi controller. However, This feature would be very useful if it ran through the media bank (playing all the selected folder videos randomly) as opposed to looping just one until the track is changed. :)

  • Is it possible to fix the issue that if you're playing something from the media bank and you switch bank numbers, it stops playing what is playing?

  • Do you mean the Sample Player? I don't think that I will be able to do this, as there would be cases where the videos could get stuck (for example, if it was set to loop forever and you switched banks).

  • Yeah - shame we can't have maybe more sample screens per page. Thanks for the reply tho

  • +1 on the feature request to use media bank irrespective if the song has a video.

  • +1 on the feature request to use media bank images to override the video playing (I've had many times where someone wanted a slideshow to play during a dinner set or during prom wanted a slide show playing vs my music videos)
    i had to hook-up a second computer and video switcher to override

  • Just letting everyone know that 3.2.0 has been officially released now, so you should upgrade from this beta version if you're still using it.

  • So when is 3.3 out :lol:

  • Haha... shouldn't be too long, I hope.

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