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Feature Request: Lyrics Plug In

edited February 2018 in MixEmergency
Im really loving the lyrics plug in of rekordbox dj.

Is it something that can be done in Mixemergency?

Another question

Should Serato add the feature on their side will Mixemergency be able to tap into it similar to how if one attaches a video to an audio track in Serato and ME uses it.


  • It's not currently possible to do this within MixEmergency.

    For the second question: having Serato support it probably won't change anything with regards to implementing it within MixEmergency.
  • 1. OK

    2. Ok
  • As much as I like the idea and was excited about this feature, if it looks like this

    it definately isnt ready yet, but I could see this kind of feature getting requested in the future too :)
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