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Forum password issues

We've recently upgraded our forum and because of this some users may have issues logging into their account. If you're having this issue, please use the "Forgot?" link on the Sign In panel to request a new password. This will e-mail you a link that will allow you to reset your password.

Thanks :)


  • Wondering how I can go about getting a new key, I believe someone else is using mine. Please send me the information. Thank you .. how many comp can use with one key ?

  • Why do you think that someone else is using yours? I can see on our authorisation server that there is only a single authorisation currently active for your authorisation code.

  • have new computer….it y i have too many authorization. need ME on two computer. how do i clear the old machine i i dont have it anymore

  • Please e-mail regarding this with details of the computer that you don't have anymore.

  • how can I get the mix emergency 2.7 pls

  • There is a link on our Downloads page to MixEmergency 2.7.1.

  • Nick sent you an email funkytownstopsix... trying to get this password stuff squared.

  • Thanks Nick.... Looking forward to the next version

  • I had to wipe my cpu and reinstall all of my dj and vj software. Please send me a authorization code.

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