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Studdering/glitches while using mix emergency 3.1.1

edited July 2018 in MixEmergency

MacBook Pro 15
2.2 core i7
8 gig ram
SSD 500 gig Internal HD
2TB External HD

Last night when I was at my gig every time I used mix emergency it was having a lot of glitches and the wave was just skipping around. Once I closed mix emergency and just used serato by itself everything went back to normal. So just to make sure I opened mix emergency again and sure enough it did the same thing then once I closed it everything went back to normal. I didn’t catch it fast enough but I did see a message at the bottom about a controller error. I’m not sure if it was having an issue communicating with the controller but I just found it very odd that this was the first time it had ever does this and none of my setting have changed. What is the best way I can troubleshoot this. Thanks


  • I've replied to your support e-mail.

  • Ive been using ME3.1.1 tried using ME3.2 Beta to see if it got better but it keeps changing from Serato control to internal ME control. Once i notice i hit the button to go back to Serato control and it keeps reverting. Im using MacOSX High Sierra with serato Pro 2.0.1 with a Pioneer DDJ-SX2, please advise. It happens every weekend, thank you!

  • It sounds as though you might've MIDI mapped a control to the Serato/Internal control pop-up button. It shouldn't change by itself otherwise.

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