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MixEmergency crash with Serato DJ Pro MBP 2017

Hello, last Saturday I was playing on 2 Rane twelves, a Rane 72, with Serato dj pro with a maxed out 2017 mbp.
All the latest firmware updates etc.. on everything.
All was going good until I hit the "Scroll Text" feature in ME.
About 1 minute later the audio fizzed out slowly to complete silence.
I had to restart everything, opened up all BUT ME and finished the night.
I've been using ME since it came out non stop and never had any issues.
There were nights before this BIG crash, where it would freeze but never crashed like this.
Here are the error messages that I got from the /var/log/system.log

system.log.1.gz:Sep 22 23:37:34 Angelos-MacBook-Pro-2 MixEmergency[461]: 0x1420000005ac8600
system.log.1.gz:Sep 22 23:37:49 --- last message repeated 2 times ---
system.log.1.gz:Sep 22 23:37:49 Angelos-MacBook-Pro-2 crashpad_handler[598]: [598:23535:20180922,233749.571314:WARNING] Failed to read report metadata for /Users/djgino/Music/Serato/Reports/pending/f84fb211-634e-4fa0-9551-db8701f4a539.dmp


  • I suspect that it's not the fault of MixEmergency's Scroll Text feature - it's more likely that this just happened to be enabled before your system crashed.

    The last message in that log referenced code from Google's Crashpad (a crash reporting system). MixEmergency doesn't use this, but I suspect that Serato DJ does, which leads me to believe that this was simply a Serato DJ Pro crash.

  • Ok Nick, thanks again.

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