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Videos Not Playing

I have this issue, when I try playing videos from my external drive they only show a blank screen but if I load the videos on my internal drive they work just fine.What could be the problem?


  • I'm not sure. Have you tried copying a single video to both drives and seeing whether it plays on one and not the other? This will rule out any video format issues.

  • Yes I have and on the internal drive it does work unlike when am playing it from the external drive

  • Perhaps you can e-mail me (to: your MixEmergency log file? You can find this at the following path:


  • It was a hard drive format problem Nick,i sorted it out thanks...How do you play live lower thirds or animated logos on your live set in mix emergency?

  • Can I ask what the format issue was specifically?

    As for lower thirds, there are a number of ways to do this. You can use animated gifs in the Image Overlay section, or Quartz Compositions in the Quartz Composition Overlays section. You can also load images, Quartz Compositions, and videos, into MixEmergency's Sample Player.

  • I think I could work with videos to do that.Do they need to have necessarily a transparent background?

  • And can you work with two videos, one output like one from sample player and the other maybe from the hard drive?

  • The sample videos will be on a hard drive - so I'm not quite sure what your question means.

    If you create videos to do this, I would recommend that you export them as ProRes4444 (with an alpha channel) and then convert them to the Hap video format (which can be accelerated by the GPU).

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