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MBP 2015 + ME 3.2 + Serato DJ Pro 2.1 + Rane 72

By any chance is anyone using this combo with success?

My OS is Yosemite 10.10.5

I previously was using a 57SL mixer with Scratch Live and ME 3.2 and this was rock solid!

I’ve just got the Rane 72 and and experimented with ME 3.2 and Serato DJ Pro 2.1 and am getting Audubon dropouts after a few songs. When I close ME everything seems to be fine.

I also have 2 MIDI Controllers plugged into a hub into my MBP (this is to control ME FX ETC) - I think reading some of the posts in Serato Forum have mentioned something about issues with USB overload, so I’ll need to experiment some more, but I’m keen to hear from anyone who is not having any issues.


  • I would start taking things out of the equation, for example: if you unplug the MIDI controllers in your hub, do you still have the problems?

  • Thanks mate - I did do this, eventually I found a Mac optimisation video which included using the smc fan control app to up the fan speed. It seems like it was overheating!

  • Oh, cool. If it's overheating then you might also want to check that the vents are clear and aren't buildt-up with dust.

  • just an update on this - i finally opened up my Macbook, cleaned out the dust and so far after a few days of testing I've been able to mix videos with SDJ Pro 2.1, ME 3.2, Rane 72 and even have Ableton running to record audio and no dropouts!

  • That's great to hear :)

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