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Pioneer-SR2 - Recording video mix with horrible audio rendering.

Running 2.1 Serato Pro with Pioneer-SR2 / MixEmergency 3.2.0

Macbook Pro 15" Retina late 2015
2.8 GHz / i7 / 16 GB ram / AMD Radeon R9 / intel Iris Pro / 2TB SSD

Issue I am having is with recording, I use the recording feature in ME and when rendering final mix I come across horrible audio recording. I have also tried using Syphon Recorder, but no audio is captured when final mix is rendered.

Any suggestions on what I should do?


  • When you record a performance there are two files (a MixEmergency Performance file, and an audio file) - is the audio file of similar quality?

    I don't know about the SR2, but I remember that the SR model had some USB audio issues where the levels would need to be turned down very low on the mixer in order for the signal not to be distorted. There is a level meter on the window in MixEmergency where you select the Device and Channels to record from: is this clipping when you're mixing before you record?

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