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Recording Audio using TTM 57SLII and 2015 Macbook Pro (Retina Display)

Greetings. How is everyone recording audio using this above setup. On the Retina Display laptops the microphone in jacks are gone. Did some research and seems to a be lot of suggestions to use the special 3 stripe tip ring connector but most of them don't work.

So far been recording directly with Serato DJ then lining up the audio later.


  • I don't have this unit to test with, but are you not able to select the mixer as the recording device in MixEmergency's Record window? From here you should be able to select the recording channels (generally these are the last stereo pair of channels on Rane hardware).

  • I can select the mixer from the recording device dropdown but the input signal is just the serato noise map.

  • You should be able to change the channels though (be default these are set to 1 & 2, which is likely the first stereo pair input - in your case the noise map of the control record going into Channel 1).

  • I tried that. Don’t think it’s possible with this mixer

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