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secondary display (output flicker)

hi u doing nick I have the same problems for 2 years flicker horizontal and vertical Mac OS high Sierra Mac book pro (Retina 15 inch mid 2016) processor 2.2 Ghz intel core I7 memory 16 gb graphics intel Irish pro 1536 mb


  • I checked with 3 computers with the same specs and year
    exactly the same problem
    I'm using me 3.2,0
    Serato dj pro 2.1.0

  • IMG_2813.JPG

  • IMG_2813.JPG

  • IMG_2813 2.pdf

  • I checked with mbp
    Mac OS high Sierra
    Mac book pro late 2011
    2.2 ghz intel core i7
    memory 4 gb
    graphics AMD Radeon HD 6750MMB 512 MB
    Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB

    works great with out any problems
    can u please help me

  • Hi, can you please send those images through to as I'm not able to view them on the forum.

  • This is the video from another user. I need you to send through your own images.

  • I got the same problem

  • Hi u doing nick
    finally I fixed 3 days to fix it

  • What was your fix?

    I understand that you had the same problem, but I needed to see this from your computer too, as sometimes users claim to have the same issue but often there are subtle differences between each. :)

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