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Freezing out

Hi Nick,apparently I recorded some video mixtapes and now mix emergency isn't exporting or playing like before, just white blank spaces totally frozen out.What could be the issue??


  • What version of MixEmergency are you using?

    I may be able to see what has happened from your MixEmergency log file. You can find this at:


    You can send this through to

  • I am using M.E 2.7.1 I completely can't tap on anything on it right now, just showing three white screens on the preview window

  • Ah, I see. This could be for a number of reasons. Do you have CamTwist installed?

  • No,i don't…I sent the Log file, did you see it?

  • Yes, I did, but it doesn't show any issues that would be causing what you're seeing.

    Can you try closing MixEmergency and then restarting your computer. Next go into the macOS Finder. Navigate to your Movies folder and then rename the folder within this named "MixEmergency" to "MixEmergencyOLD". Are you now able to open MixEmergency?

  • Yeeeeah!!!Renaming Totally worked out.Thank you so much Nick.

  • Cool - that's good to hear. :)

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