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anyone still use the syphon recorder? 2019

i was able to record a video mix by just using the recorder option.

i am not clear of what people use the syphon app for? i was under the impression the syphon app recorded live video mix sets that also recorded the audio... i did not get this when using the syphon app.

also i was able to use the "record" function on ME and setting the the record channels to 9&10, 9&9 & 10&10 and it works like a charm.

my specs are
2018 Macbook Po 15 inch
i9 processor
vega 20 gpu
32 gb of ram
1tb ssd

serato dj pro 2.1
mix emergency 3.2


hopefully someone can shed some light on the Syhon App and what its purpose is


  • Generally I wouldn't recommend recording outside of MixEmergency's built-in recording function except for in a couple of cases. You'll get better quality video when recording in MixEmergency, but Syphon Recorder can be useful if you're also wanting to record video with the Video Input Overlay (which MixEmergency's recording process doesn't capture).

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