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Pioneer ddj sz2 Compatible

Is mix EMERGENCY and the pioneer ddj sz2 compatible, I was having trouble with one of the toggles ?


  • Yeah, it is. What was the probablem that you were having exactly?

  • One of my toggles wasent displaying my video

  • U have toggle A and Toggle B
    Well toggle A wasent displaying my video
    Toggle B was.

  • Do you mean the Preview windows? If so, are you loading the videos in Serato DJ to the same channels that you have set to the Primary Decks?

  • Can you e-mail a screenshot of the issue to ?

  • @nike I would like to set up the video for my Ddjsz2 playing video on serato but not able to loading show video

  • Are you able to load and play the video files (as audio) in Serato DJ?

  • same issue

  • I would check the format of your video files, as well as checking that you are using the latest version of Serato DJ Pro.

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