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Using a 3rd Party App in lieu of media files for audio tracks

I have been contemplating purchasing Magic Music Visuals to add another element to my VJ sets. Ultimately, I'd like to use this software to play synced up visuals over audio files instead of my current media bank files in Mix Emergency. I know that I can use Syphon to switch between the apps but if no media files are loaded up in my ME media bank, is it possible, to have Magic running in the background as well and have Mix Emergency automatically switch to Magic if no video source is provided in ME?


  • What you could do is to load up the Syphon feed into the Media Bank (you can do this by right-clicking, or control-clicking, an empty Media Bank slot and selecting the appropriate Syphon source. Next, set MixEmergency to load a random media item from the Media Bank when and audio file is loaded. If it's the only source in the Media Bank, then it'll get loaded each time an audio-only track is loaded.

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