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Rane Seventy-Two Media Sampler issues

I had the same problem on the Roland 808, but it works fine with the akai afx. Midi mapping the sampler video player, the cue points and all other performance pad settings trigger the media sampler... is there a work around that anyone has found? I didnt have a problem on the reloop rp8000 performance pads either .


  • That's annoying. I guess these controllers are simply sending out the same MIDI messages no matter which mode they're in.

  • I was trying to use the sampler setting as a shift key, that wasn’t working either. I will put this also in the Rane forum. I’m gonna experiment with it all week... I love that sample player.. thank you for the great product!!

  • I wonder if you can get the Serato DJ sample player buttons to output MIDI messages, and then have MixEmergency learn these?

  • 👍🏾That was my next thought working on it now

  • I can't find anything online about the midi that serato dj software is sending. Would you happen to be able to point me in the right direction?

  • I cant figure out how to have the midi output from serato dj read by mixemergency. The best work around i have so far with the 12/ 72 setup is midi mapping the 12s cue points to the sampler. The cue points on the tables or redundant if you have the mixer and there is no conlfict. The recent serato beta lets you remap serato OSA hardware.

  • To be honest, I'm not too familiar with the current MIDI output setup in Serato DJ Pro - so I'm not really much help in this area, sorry. Perhaps someone with more experience can chime in.

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