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MixEmergency 3.3.0 Public Beta

edited June 26 in MixEmergency

Hi everyone,

I’m releasing this as a public beta version to get feedback on any potential issues before it is released as the final version of MixEmergency 3.3.0. Please be aware that, while this has been thoroughly tested, it is still a beta version, and should be treated as such. I highly recommend that you keep a copy of MixEmergency 3.2.0 on your computer in case you need to revert to this.

If you notice any new issues with this version, please e-mail your feedback to, or add your comment to this discussion.

Also, please note that the minimum supported version of macOS is now version 10.10 (Yosemite).

The list of changes in this public beta of MixEmergency 3.3.0 are:

  • MixEmergency is now a 64-bit application.
  • HEVC (H.265) video playback is now available when using macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher.
  • Added a new (and faster) 64-bit exporting system for MixEmergency recordings.
  • All previously released Effect and Transition plug-ins are now part of MixEmergency.
  • Added Gradient Overlay and Slide HV BE effects.
  • Increased the minimum supported version of macOS to 10.10.
  • Added support for the Hap Q Alpha format.
  • Updated NDI to version 3.8.
  • Added support for files streamed via Tidal and SoundCloud in Serato DJ Pro (note that these require the song to have been previously downloaded in order to read the beat grid and album art).
  • Fixed buffering issues which could cause frames to become temporarily stuck under certain conditions.
  • Fixed "out of memory" errors when exporting very long recordings.
  • Fixed a crash when pushing the Cancel button on the Export Relocate Files window.
  • Fixed authorisation issues with MixEmergency on certain hardware.
  • Fixed an issue where the output from NDI would be RGBA unless a limited frame rate was selected.
  • Fixed potential scaling/crashing issues when changing the Quality control of the Video Input Overlay.
  • New transition plug-ins are no longer enabled in the Random Transition List by default.

Public Beta 2 changes:

  • Improved and optimised playback of performance of some video formats.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause seeking to fail when playing Hap encoded files.
  • Fixed issue where videos might be flipped vertically when played back in the Sample Player.

Download here:


  • I already have mixemergency 3.2.0 will it be updated or do i have to purchace this version

  • It's a free update for users who have purchased a MixEmergency 3 license.

  • Tested it out last night, It seemed to be taxing my system more, Serato would give me the red dot warning and when switching media in the media bank with a deck it would take about 15 seconds to even appear when it usually takes under a second.

  • What type of video do you have loaded in the Media Bank? Are they H.264 encoded?

  • yes they are h.264 at 720 on mid 2014 mac pro with 16 gb ram 2.2 i7. 3.2 is flawless. When i saw it was 64 bit i upped some of the settings then put them back and still was experiencing a less tighter integration that 3.3. ill double check after the weekend gigs and update.

  • Used for 4 hours last night at a gig. I dont have anything to report.

    Good job @Nick

    SDJ 2.1
    MBP 2017 4Gb Gpu
    Videos on 4tb external SSD
    High Sierra

  • @dj_marv That's great to hear :)

  • Lo probe en mi equipo retina 15 2013 high sierra . Lo unico que derrepente los waderform se congelan algunos segundos al cargar algun video las trasiciones nuevas estan fenomenales si ... influira que tenga mi biblioteca en lacie thunderbolt .. Pues probe por HDMI Y THUNDERBOLT LA SALIDA DE VIDEO y expiremente lo mismo

  • Updated to Mojave during the week. I will post findings if any. Home testing seems good. 2 gigs this weekend.

  • Mojave - Nothing to report as well.

  • Great! :)

  • So still no Mojave Support?

  • It should work fine on macOS Mojave.

  • exporting a mix starts okay then it hangs .... it has taken 6 hours to export a mix of 1 hour and then it hang on the first pass after 30 minutes...

  • Can you e-mail me your MixEmergency log file? You can find this at:


  • Where do I get the 3.3.0 Beta, can't find it anywhere.

  • Read the first post in this discussion :)

  • so far so good.. Only it made all my video samples go upside down. how do I fix that?

  • edited June 23

    There's a bug in this first public beta version of 3.3 when playing back some content in the Sample Player. I've found and fixed this for the next release (which shouldn't be too far away).

  • Hola probe la beta en Mac os catalina y beta de serato dj pro cero problemas fluido lo unico no funciono la camara del mac

  • You might have to allow MixEmergency access to the camera in your macOS System Preferences Security & Privacy panel.

  • edited June 27

    My cameras no longer work in this or previous build since update to Mojave- click camera button and nothing comes up from either webcam or the FaceTime camera. I can get them to work in Quicktime - any ideas?

  • edited June 27


  • Hey Nick, not sure if this was brought up already but I cannot assign a hot key for the auto-fade function. Also, when I revert back to 3.2 it erases the shortcut previously in place.

  • @DJWillby If you go to the macOS System Preferences, to the "Security & Privacy" panel, and then click on the "Camera" item, do you see MixEmergency listed in the list to the right? If so, is it enabled?

  • @Gabriel What key combo are you attempting to assign to the auto-fade function? The hot-key system had to be rewritten for the 64-bit upgrade, and so hot-keys are unfortunately not compatible between version 3.2 and 3.3.

  • I understand. I had been using the left arrow key (located at bottom right of MacBook pro) as a shortcut. I also had a question, lately when I use media sequence editor on 3.2 some of my videos are freezing/hanging up. Can you help me with that?

  • I'm not sure whether the left arrow key will be available as a global shortcut without some other modifiers (e.g. shift, command, etc) attached to it.

    As for videos freezing: as this isn't an issue with only the version 3.3 beta can you please a new discussion or e-mail with further details of the issue.

  • En la opcion de seguridad no tengo acceso a la camara no me da la opcion

  • Estoy probando la beta de Catalina

  • When you using the beta I notice my cpu usage gradually increase through the night.

  • Does restarting MixEmergency help? If not, it may be an issue with heat.

  • @Nick No ME is not listed there. Tried re-installing ME but still not showing up :(

  • Which apps are listed in the Camera section?

    I've just reset all my Camera permissions and it's working fine for me on Mojave. If you want to remove all the app permissions for the Camera and start again then you can open the Terminal application and enter the following command:

    tccutil reset Camera

    If you then open MixEmergency and select and enable your camera then it should come up with a permission dialog for you to accept.

    Note that this resets all apps though, so any app that uses the camera will have to be authorised again when you use it.

  • Hello, the video samples are left flipped 180 degrees in the master output, the videos come out normal, I have already installed and uninstalled the program several times. Thank you

  • Can you please show me some screenshots of what you're talking about?

  • For those having issues with the camera when using macOS 10.15: I have found and fixed and issue with this. The fix will be in the next release of version 3.3.0.

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