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I know I am kicking tires... BUT...

edited July 2019 in MixEmergency

I would pay anything to have M.E. work natively with Traktor Pro 3!!!!!! N.I. has neglected this for so long, and it is beyond frustrating. Traktor will alway be my software of choice even though I still use SDJ Pro when I need to do video sets. So anyway, I am begging whoever at inklen that reads this... Can we make this happen?! =]


Everyone who still uses Traktor


  • Unfortunately it's not so simple to get MixEmergency working with other software (think licensing, changes to the code of any software that communicates with MixEmergency, etc).

  • Ditto. I understand that complete native (pun intended) integration poses significant development and licensing costs, but I am wondering if there's another work-around to have video/mp4 files in traktor align with midi-mapping in ME.

  • Not really. The closest you can get would be to use MixEmergency's Media Sequencer and then run the MIDI Clock from Traktor to MixEmergency. You would, at least, be able to get ambient videos/loops synced to the beat, I think (I'm not in front of my computer at the moment, so can't remember if this affects the Media Sequences or not).

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