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MacBook Pro 2019 13inch for Mix Emergency ?

Hi people,
I’m new in vjing and I would like to Know if the new MacBook Pro 13 inch quad core Intel iris plus 645 could handle ME smoothly and will be suffisant ?


  • I don't know of anyone who has tested this model, but I suspect that it would perform well.

  • Thanks. Do you think that we necessary need a MacBook with a dedicated graphic cars ( 15 inch model) to perform with ME or can we go 13 inch MacBook without being any risks ?

  • Buying a computer is never without any risks, haha - so I can never guarantee that (especially since I don't know of any testers using this newer model yet).

    As for the dedicated graphics hardware - this used to be very important when using Video DJing software, but in recent years the integrated graphics processors have improved dramatically. In general, you're still better off with a dedicated graphics processor (especially if you're applying a lot of video effects), though in a number of cases the new integrated graphics processors will outperform the dedicated hardware of older models.

  • And what computer was created emergency mix where you do the tests to get an idea which model to buy.
    apparently the mac with integrated do not have a good result. I am thinking of renovating equipment and I do not know which one to buy greetings

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