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Cpu is going to the red dot

hi guys after i upgrade to serato dj pro 2.2.0 waves going to slow and at some point mixemegency crashes audio keep playing if i just play audio its fine but after open mixemergency waves slowing and cpu on red dot at times until crashes
hope this issue is fix in the next upgrade thanks.

im using macbook pro 15 inch retina, high sierra 10.13.6 . 2.5 Ghz intel core i7 16 gb memory intel iris pro 1536 mb


  • Hi. I would suggest monitoring the temperature of your computer - it may be overheating. You may also want to try cleaning out your air vents:

  • thanks for the response i already do that last night i had to use serato video sl and working fine that save my night but i want to fix this so i can continue use mixemergency like before

  • Perhaps you can send through your MixEmergency log file (to You can find this file at the following path:


    (where ~ is your user/home folder)

  • i already send the log file thanks again for the response

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